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When She Founded with Somer Hamrick, CEO & Founder of Channel Clinical is an insider view on what it really takes to start and scale a company in STEM. Each episode takes a deeper look into one such business venture and the woman who started it. Industry mavens describe their personal path to entrepreneurship through one-on-one conversations with a host who has been figuring it out herself. Somer Hamrick launched her own company in early 2019. With 20 years’ experience in business development and half that specifically in global health and clinical research, Somer found herself having to reach outside the life science community for support and mentorship. She created When She Founded as a platform to share what she has learned and is still learning, on her journey. This podcast demystifies some of the steps for female founders in industries where representation is lacking.

Mar 26, 2020



Maya Zlatanova is a healthcare technology entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of FindMeCure, as well as a clinical research expert with over fifteen years of experience in areas including clinical research regulations and patient recruitment. Maya, who lives in Bulgaria, is also an industry speaker and has presented at several summits and forums, including Scope Summit, Logipharma, Clinical Trial Innovations, Patient Engagement Forum, and GIANT Health. Additionally, Maya is a board member for the Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety.


Today, Maya joins me to discuss her brand FindMeCure and how her sister’s health journey played a role in her desire to launch the platform. She shares the need she set out to solve and why she believes you should follow your passions and desires to make meaningful contributions. Maya also provides insights into clinical trials, the importance of perspective as you develop a product, and why you need to be disciplined with your work when juggling your entrepreneurial ventures with having a family.




“Focus on the journey, not the destination.” - Maya Zlatanova




Today on When She Founded:


  • How Bulgaria is handling the COVID-19 pandemic and the most significant concerns the country has
  • FindMeCure’s role in combatting the coronavirus pandemic
  • Where Maya’s inspiration for founding FindMeCure came from and how she met her co-founders
  • What remote clinical trials are, their purpose, and what they can look like
  • The process of developing and launching a product and why it is crucial to get others on board
  • The fear of feedback and the power of pushing through vulnerability to gain insight
  • FindMeCure’s fundamental principles and how the brand’s hiring decisions relate to these principles
  • Maya’s definition of eligibility criteria and why these parameters matter in clinical trials
  • Roadblocks Maya’s company has faced along the journey and how the brand has used insights from these challenges to move forward
  • The importance of time management and how Maya manages the demands of her professional life with being a mother



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