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When She Founded with Somer Hamrick, CEO & Founder of Channel Clinical is an insider view on what it really takes to start and scale a company in STEM. Each episode takes a deeper look into one such business venture and the woman who started it. Industry mavens describe their personal path to entrepreneurship through one-on-one conversations with a host who has been figuring it out herself. Somer Hamrick launched her own company in early 2019. With 20 years’ experience in business development and half that specifically in global health and clinical research, Somer found herself having to reach outside the life science community for support and mentorship. She created When She Founded as a platform to share what she has learned and is still learning, on her journey. This podcast demystifies some of the steps for female founders in industries where representation is lacking.

Mar 12, 2020

When you think about courage, what do you picture? Perhaps you think of someone saving lives, putting their wellbeing in danger for others, or doing something unthinkably scary. While these are extreme examples of what it means to be brave, courage is also an asset that you can draw upon in your own personal and professional life as you pursue new opportunities and endeavors.

In today’s episode, I share what I believe you need in your arsenal as an entrepreneur or when setting out upon any new venture in life. I highlight the importance of being brave and facing new challenges with courage and conviction and why I am not sold on the decision to ‘play it safe’ in business. I also highlight the work of Brené Brown and why you should step up to the plate and address the excuses that may be standing between you and your bravest decisions.


“As long as you’re playing it safe as a career strategy, it eventually comes back to haunt you.” - Somer Hamrick


Today on When She Founded:

  • Common responses to “what you need the most of”
  • What I believe you truly need the most of as a female founder
  • What we are typically told and taught about courage and what my definition of courage used to be
  • How my perspective of bravery has changed over time through my life experiences
  • How I drew upon courage to make some of the hardest decisions in my professional career
  • Brené Brown’s work on the topics of courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy
  • My perspective on what happens when you choose to play it safe in business
  • Common “problems” people cite as reasons for not going after their goals and whether or not this reasoning is valid


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