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When She Founded with Somer Hamrick, CEO & Founder of Channel Clinical is an insider view on what it really takes to start and scale a company in STEM. Each episode takes a deeper look into one such business venture and the woman who started it. Industry mavens describe their personal path to entrepreneurship through one-on-one conversations with a host who has been figuring it out herself. Somer Hamrick launched her own company in early 2019. With 20 years’ experience in business development and half that specifically in global health and clinical research, Somer found herself having to reach outside the life science community for support and mentorship. She created When She Founded as a platform to share what she has learned and is still learning, on her journey. This podcast demystifies some of the steps for female founders in industries where representation is lacking.

Nov 19, 2020

On this B Side today Somer celebrates Female Entrepreneur Day with a discussion on women who break the rules and make more money. She challenges the norms and what female founders can do to “break the rules” to challenge those norms. Somer questions what will be the outcome of the loss of women in the workplace due to the pandemic. Somer shares advice on how to improve sales by breaking rules and how to advocate for others to break rules. She also discusses how female entrepreneurs can be supported by the Launch to Leads Lab and Channel Clinical

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